Burton Phoenix – Back Out of the Ashes 2018-2019

The new house has needed a LOT of work .. so after 4 long years I have been able to properly unpack some Model Railway(s) that have been living in boxes for the past 4 years. I even have a room ‘Just’ for the model railways. In our last house I had to ‘Borrow’ a lot of the dining room.

I had been spending some time keeping the old website at least a bit up to date… But that is not the same as having a Real layout.

During my ‘setting’ up I realised that I had made a further purchase during the ‘fallow years’ – I took advantage of a special offer to pick up a AC Cars Rail bus to join the Park Royal one.
It was not a random choice – The Park Royal Rail-bus ran on Midland Rails and the AC Cars one ran on Western Region. Midland and Western traffic being a common theme of the Burton layouts.
.AC Railcar

I fear though that everything will need to be packed up Again for phase ‘2’ of the House redevelopment…

Burton Crumpnold All Packed away again…
As predicted everything is all packed away and buried behind furniture as we work on other rooms in the house… SO I’m, having to contact myself Playing Train Sim and Train Sim World…. With a bit of luck things will improve in the next few months..

… After a few delays the house redevelopment is now complete.
A major upside is that I been able to ‘negotiate’ a bigger home for the existing and new Burton Crumpnold layouts.

And Burton Phoenix is now out again and ‘Almost’ Up and Running….
.. I am also in the process of extending the layout by adding a corner section to turn the end-to-end into an ‘L’ shaped layout which is easier to demonstrate.

For more details see ‘Work In Progress‘.

Work Continues on Burton Phoenix.. The new corner board has been wired up and a ‘Test Train’ has been run to ensure all is well before more scenery work is done.

The Curve section at Burton Phoenix is coming on well.
.. And I have actually have new acquisitions after a visit to a local Model Railway Show.

.. Including the long awaited Hornby Super Sprinter in the rather fetching RAF 100 livery.

Plus a true bargain from the model railway show – a Scaledale windmill – This is going to be a great scenic feature on the new ‘Corner’ board.
Skaledale Highfields Windmill - R8548 - 1
As Shown here.. I now need to make the river more realistic…New Corner Board-Scenery

Burton Phoenix – 2015

We have just recently moved to North Wales, hence no updates for the last few months…

The room where the layout will be located is currently being used as a ‘storeroom’ whilst the kitchen is being redone – so it will be a while before ‘Proper’ model railway work can resume..

Great moment in our new home.. Finally dusted off and assembled Burton Phoenix in a room that now has space to run it. I also indulged in my first railway purchase for quite a while – A Heljan ‘Park Royal’ Railbus. I particularly wanted one of these as we used to live near the site in North London.
.. After testing the layout electrics with good ol ‘Smokey Joe’ here is the new Railbus in action.


.. So three and a half years later where does that put me…

For all sorts of reasons, everything stayed ‘packed’ away – even the N gauge bits…. But is has started to change. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks ‘rediscovering’ where I got to, and even reminding myself what I have.

The priority will be the N Gauge ‘Stowey Green’ layout going initially as far and the lower level. Then I will then tackle the Burton Phoenix end to end ‘OO’ layout. As proof of this I have added a couple of photographs on the Work In Progress page showing the restarted work.

I have also created basic pages to cover the progress and the stock of the ‘Stowey Green’ layout.

Another change of plan – decided to switch my energies to the Burton Phoenix end to end ‘OO’ layout, this needs much less work to get it going and will help me to ‘relearn’ my soldering and wiring skills. Plus it means I will have a working layout sooner.

Today I managed to run a loco on Burton Phoenix whilst I was checking out the layout wiring and the new control box.I have added the most recent work and added a few photographs on the Work In Progress page.

Burton Phoenix is Complete!! (More or Less)..
.. Yes there are still jobs to do in tweaking and improving the scenery… but that is the normal routine of running/maintaining a layout.

The ‘N’ Gauge Layout Get a Name..

I have a basic design in place for the ‘N’ Gauge layout – Stowey Green.
.. As an LMS man married to a GWR Wife, I was drawn to the area of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway (SDJR)
(Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway – Wiki Page)  .. This railway was run by the GWR and LMS so gives a great opportunity/excuse of seeing GWR and LMS traffic together.

I chose as the village of Neither Stowey, an attractive Somerset Village near Bridgewater as a ‘location’, on a potential route that could have beeen used to connect Bridgewater to Minehead.
So I gave the new station the name ‘Stowey Green’, and I also decided to include a small ‘halt’ station – using the simple if attractive GWR ‘Pagoda’ Halt building, which will be ‘Upper Stowey’.

This will be a 4ft 6ins x 2 ft 6ins two layer layout. To keep the gradients low I have built to board so that the front is 30mm higher than the back to keep all the gradients gentle.

Unlike the ‘OO’ layouts(s) which have a wide variety of stock. I am planning the ‘N’ gauge layout to be purely GWR steam eta.

An ‘N’ Gauge Layout?

Whilst everything is on hold (And Inaccessible) during the building work I have been having a bit of a clear out on Ebay of ‘Surplus Stock’. Mostly LNER and BR MK2 Coaches.

I’m planning to use the funds to build a small ‘N’ gauge GWR layout to join the Burton Crumpnold Family. I had been thinking of having a go at an N gauge layout for a while. It all started for real when out local Oxfam shop had some GWR wagons. More on this later.

The End of the Original Burton Crumpnold – 2008

Sad News – due to the building of as new extension at our house the ‘Original’ Burton Crumpnold has been ‘Decommissioned’.

The room where it has been living currently has no roof…. I have also become very dissatisfied with the quality of the track running. The layout ‘Looks’ OK but trains do like derailing at the rear (and difficult to access) area’s of the track. The longer term plan (2009 and beyond) is to build a larger layout using larger radii more gentle (Peco Streamline?) points.

All is not lost though with the original Burton layout. I am currently in the process of planning a portable layout using what was the Upper station area and a new fiddle yard.