Track Down on the Upper Section of Stowey Green

I have arranged and glued the track for the removeable section of Stowey Green, the track has been wired and holes drilled for the 3 points on the board.

Next job is to tidy up the wiring and attach it to the terminal block, and of course attach the point motors.

I have added the station halt and goods shed to show how the section works,

Test of Wired up Stowey Green.

With the ‘Main’ board wired I had a few minutes of ‘play time’.

Unfortunately I now have to put Stowey Green into temporary storage as, my wife wanted the dining room back…
Next task is to add the track to the removable upper section board.

.. And the Control box has had it’s early coats of paint. Next task for this will be putting the layout ‘Mimic Diagram’ on it plus adding the power and point control ‘innards’ to it..

Stowey Green Underboard Wiring Complete

I have now finished wiring up the points connector to the Stowey Green baseboard.. Apart from a couple of poor connections on the terminal strips everything seems to work…. which was more than a a pleasant surprise…
Looking forward to seeing the ‘Top’ of the board again. I have made out a simple plug that powers the whole board so I can test with some trains without needing the control panel..

More Wiring at Stowey Green

Been rather busy at Home and Work so progress on Stowey Green has been slow.
.. But finally managed to get the Soldering Iron and tools out and have commenced wiring in the Power and Point control connectors to the layout.
Power Plug wired in

Power feeds all connected (White Blue & Green) all done – next job the point control (Red & Yellow)…
.. Proper tidying up will happen when all has been checked and everything has been screwed down…

Welcome to the New Burton Crumpnold Website

Welcome to the seriously overdue ‘New Look’ Burton Crumpnold Website.
.. All the existing content has been included in the new website, together with new pages describing the building of Burton Phoenix have been added.

Further features and news will follow soon.

Best Wishes
Kevin Fisher

Stowey Green Wiring..

.. It has been a busy month during this month of Lock-down. I have been working on the Wiring for the layout and the control panel ‘Box’.

The downside of my ‘Over Engineered’ approach to railway modelling is the complexity of the wiring it introduces.

Here is a view of the underside of ‘Stowey Green’s board with the ‘temporary power wiring’ removed that allowed me to play up till now.

StoweyGreen Base Wired - Awaiting Final Wire Up

.. Here are the ‘Pre-Wired’ 25way ‘D’ type plug and socket ready to add to the board. One for Power (Green Blue) and the other for points – both have ‘estimate’ length wires to fit into the boards 4 terminal strips after a bit of trimming.

I have also fitted the 12 way Plug/Socket for the layouts ‘Upper Station’ section connected to it’s own terminal strip ready for fitting. I wanted to be sure I could remove this section for access.

StoweyGreen Wired Plugs_s StoweyGreen Top Board Plug+Socket + Terminal Strip_s

I have also completed the box that will become the control panel for ‘Stowey Green’. It’s based on what I did for Burton Phoenix – but with space for a larger panel and more room for the GaugeMaster controller on top. This one will probably be painted white using left over paint for when we do a bit more touching up the woodwork in the house next few weeks.

StoweyGreen Control Box

‘Lock-down’ – and ‘Stowey Green’ Awakes..

.. Due the current ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’ – I have ran out of excuses in not working on the ‘N’ Gauge ‘Stowey Green Layout’. Reading through the planning notes I realised the layout is ‘VERY’ late as I started thinking about this layout in 2008…

Believe it or not I have been so busy working in the layout.. that I have neglected doing any updates here..So far I have finished the track laying and basic wiring for the lower ‘baseboard’ level – and have had some fun actually running trains. I have made the incline and upper ‘Upper Stowey’ station halt sections for the upper loop. The upper section is currently being tested to make sure the little tank engines make it up the hills.



2020.. New Year and New Adventures..

For the first time since moving to North Wales I have ‘proper’ plans and vision for the Burton Crumpnold Layouts for the year…

.. The first stage is to finish off the modifications for Burton Phoenix with the new corner section. So, after a lot of rearranging in the railway room, all of Burton Phoenix is up – even if it is a bit of a squeeze…

Now I can finish off and check the wiring of the complete layout when all sections including the fiddle yard are attached.
For maximum flexibility I have used a flying lead to allow the layout to be electrically split into 2 power control section when the fiddle yard is attached. (If space is tight it can be operated with just the corner unit attached – but just as single control section.)

.. Once testing is complete I can then finish up any scenery work. All being well I am hoping to informally display the layout during the year.. Probably starting at the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza in May.

.. When the work on Burton Phoenix is complete.. The Next mission is to restart work on the ‘N’ Gauge ‘Stowey Green’ Layout.BP_mini20200302

Testing the new ‘Corner’.

The ‘Basic’ scenery for the new corner board is done.. The track is ballasted and the general shape of the scene, including undulations and a ‘base’ colour is done.

.. It has also been wired into the rest of the boards – to make sure it all works – and the track transitions between the boards are OK.
As the Hornby GWR Parcels Rail-car was easy to get at – it had the honour of being the the first ‘Powered’ locomotive on the new track section.

BP-NewCurveTesting BP-NewCurveFirstTrain

Adding Scenery to the ‘Corner’

The new ‘Corner’ board is coming on apace.
In keeping with the original ‘Burton Crumpnold/Phoenix – a lot of the material was from the original layout supplies.

.. The track has been positioned and ballasted – and the basic scenery has been set up, and the first coat of paint applied.New Corner Board-Scenery1

Again – in keeping with the original layout – I have used the original ‘J’cloth/PVA glue and polystyrene foam bits construction method.

To add more scenic potential – I am adding a river/canal to the corner of the board.