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Building Stowey Green

This Page shows how the Stowey Green baseboard was constructed, the track laid and how the major scenic features were put together.

Stowey Greens’s Baseboard

To summarise the layout has 2 single track loops, one upper and one lower and was designed to fit on a single board 137cm x 76 cm (4 1/2 x 2 1/2/ ft).

 The board is constructed from 6mm plywood topped with 4mm cork tiles. The board frame using the usual 2×1 inch timber.
.. The front of the board is 25mm higher than the back in order to reduce the incline to the upper level to an acceptable level.

The Stowey Green very bare Base board

The extra bracing at the front and centre is to support the front and centre at 30mm above the frame.


Stowey Green – Basic Board Complete board

This is the completed baseboard which will contain the main station and the ‘Lower’ loop.
The cork top has been painted in my usual dark green PVA/poster paint base colour.
This is Very early running session to help me get a feeling for track placement. The plan in the picture is very early – Originally I was planning to have more sidings in the station area. No track has been fixed the board.

.. It also should be noted that this picture was taken in early 2013.. Because of many adventures, including a house move, progress on Stowey Green stopped, and only recommenced in April 2020..

Finally Stowey Green’s lower loop track fitted and wired for power.
Upper level still being built.


The lower level is complete, the track glued down and the power sections wired up.
No point motors fitted as yet – just the drilled holes to allow the point operation.
The Upper Loop and Station Halt Level has been ‘built’ just in the process of checking the inclines to the upper station board.


This is the view from the back of Stowey Green, I am just in the process of finalising the positioning of the removable ‘Upper Stowey’ board.

With at least ‘some’ of the the track glued down it was great to finally run trains at Stowey Green in April 2020.
.. and even put in some of the Station building that been in store since 2014.
FirstTrains At StoweyGreen

.. Work Will Continue finishing of the construction of Stowey Green after the pesky wiring was been sorted out

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