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BP 14xx_autocoach
BP 14xx_autocoach
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The Original ‘Burton Crumpnold’ was as a single 8x4ft ‘OO’ gauge layout…
.. but that has passed onto the great branch line in the sky.

Now it is the ‘home’ of 3 layouts…

Burton Phoenix‘ – an end to end layout that was born out of the ashes of the original ‘Burton Crumpnold’..


Stowey Green‘ – a small ‘N’ gauge GWR layout..
Initially started as a project to do while the original ‘Burton Crumpnold’ layout was in pieces,
and finally completed as a ‘LockDown’ project in 2021

  and hopefully, before the end of 2022…
… work will start on a ‘reborn’ Burton Crumpnold that will fill a spare bedroom of our house.

For the latest goings on please visit the ‘What’s New‘ Blog.

Kevin Fisher
Burton Crumpnold Station Master

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