Another airing for Burton Phoenix and Stowey Green

Due to the success of last year we decided to get out Burton Phoenix and Stowey Green for display as part of an event for this years Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza. It was a very busy day and meet a whole bunch of enthusiasts and modellers.

.. With lessons learnt from last year – I made sure there was something entertaining and ‘Hands on’ for those with little hands.. In addition to the fun and games it was a big success ‘Saving’ the main layouts from unintended tinkering 🙂

It also reminded me about the difference between a ‘Portable’ layout – Such as the ‘N’ Gauge – Stowey Green – Easy to put away and transport.
And a ‘Mobile’ Layout such as Burton Phoenix – Many car loads, a lot of time and trouble to put up and down.

I had hoped to get the even more portable ‘Stowey Town’ layout if not finished, then at least presentable for this event – but sadly other commitments have slowed its progress.