The End of the Original Burton Crumpnold – 2008

Sad News – due to the building of as new extension at our house the ‘Original’ Burton Crumpnold has been ‘Decommissioned’.

The room where it has been living currently has no roof…. I have also become very dissatisfied with the quality of the track running. The layout ‘Looks’ OK but trains do like derailing at the rear (and difficult to access) area’s of the track. The longer term plan (2009 and beyond) is to build a larger layout using larger radii more gentle (Peco Streamline?) points.

All is not lost though with the original Burton layout. I am currently in the process of planning a portable layout using what was the Upper station area and a new fiddle yard.

R.I.P Burton Crumpnold…

5th October 2008
It has been an ‘interesting’ year – with little time for Burton …As can be read in the ‘What’s New’ The Last train for the original Burton Crumpnold Layout ran in September… I needed to put the layout away as the room it has been living has no roof at the moment – whilst we have an extension built above it.. In addition to this my nagging dissatisfaction with the track issues at the rear of the layout has made me decide to ‘Decommission’ the layout. (OK Keep the Buildings etc trash the track).Coming out of the ashes of Burton Crumpnold is a portable ‘End To End’ layout built from the upper station sections and a new fiddle yard. Hopefully I will be able to run this layout at exhibition (If they will have me..)

Here is a ‘Last Running’ Photo of the Layout, with all buildings removed…BurtonsLastTrain

.. Plus a sad sight of the layout ready for the Skip…
After my experiences with curved points these were not recycled……