Burton Crumpnold Complete – 2007

Finished updating the original Website

Added the ‘Scenery’ page of the website. This was also an opportunity to photograph and document the work I have been doing these past few weeks.

Started work on upper start on area and scenery areas.

Finished Basic upper station detailing and extra detailing (Fences etc) to main station.

Improved existing scenery areas and add scenery items to hide baseboard joins etc.
Added some ‘work in progress’ pictures to the website.

Updated the Loco and Passenger stock pages to include the new additions (and a couple I missed). See ‘Work in Progress’ for details of my first foray into DCC…

Tinkering with DCC

Lots of things have been going on – but sadly no updates. The biggest task has been to make the website work after I changed service providers – all should be OK now.

I have also dipped my toe into the land of DCC.
I bought a Pendolino DCC train set during the summer, the Pendolino was on my shopping list plans for the year and the digital train set seemed a great way to have a look at what DCC can offer.

With very minor changes to the control panel – mostly involving rewiring the ‘power feed’ plug – I managed to change the layout to DCC operation. The only issue with just using the Hornby select controller it that there is not enough ‘omph’ from the 15v supply to properly operate the points. This will just involve having a separate supply for the point CDU.

I have had a go adding DCC decoders to my DCC ready Class 121 DMU and Class 57 loco. I am also investigating upgrading my class 110 DMU to DCC – with lights. We will see if my soldering is up to the job…..

Playing with DCC – Next time use shorter wires…

Hornby Select Controller – Basic – But Fun

Other acquisitions of the past couple of months are a class 166 Turbo DMU – special offer from Rails and a surprise from Hornby in releasing the GWR liveried LBSCR ‘Terrier’. I have added all these to the stock pages with photographs etc.

The next major ‘Website’ task is to add the freight rolling stock pictures and details pages… Lets see how long these will take…