Burton Phoenix – Adding a Corner…

To Recap…
Burton Phoenix uses the Old Upper Station and scenery board from the original Burton Crumpnold layout, onto which I added a fiddle yard section to make a simple ‘end to end’ layout.. as can be seen from this diagram below…

Burton Pheonix Control - Power

In order to make the layout more interesting, and easier to use for any exhibitions/shows I am adding a curve to the second board to convert the long end to end into an ‘L shaped’. As Shown below…

Burton Pheonix Board Layout - Revised 2019_S

Here is the framework for the new corner board.
Most of the wood dates back to the original Burton Crumpnold layout. I actually carted it up here years ago when we moved here for this kind of use…..

..Next job is to add an MDF top to the frame – also leftovers from the original layout!!

Burton Pheonix - Corner Board - sml

The track has just been placed to show the sort of thing I am aiming for.
I am planning to ‘re-lay’ the track on both the fiddle yard and scenery board to ease the curve to use more of the new board.

Most of the space on the new board will mostly be filled with ‘scenery’.

Burton ‘Projects’ – home made static grass applicator…

As promised – an update of what I am doing at Burton Crumpnold now it is ‘Open’ again
… First was a simple project I have had the parts for for some time – a home made static grass applicator.

I got the idea for this by a chat with an exibitor at a model railway show and a bit of research on YouTube.
It is a simple device made from a pound shop electric fly zapper, a metal tea strainer and some wire.

… I will show the results of this in use soon.