Blue Sky Scenery

Looking though railway magazines has made me realise that to take realistic photographs of the layout I needed some kind of background. The current home for the Burton Crumpnold layout is surrounded by shelves of books, which are far from realistic as a backdrop. I had a look at the various  printed scenery sheets around but most are very tacky – the photorealistic ones had promise and I may try them in the future (or make my own). I decided to go for the simple ‘Blue Sky’ look by adding some ‘Sky Boards’. These boards are easily removable hardboard panels painted in a sky blue colour that are fitted around the side and back of the layout. They are very effective as can be seen in the picture below. 

GWR Scenery

I have updated the ‘Layout Photos’ page to show the new ‘complete-ish’ Burton Crumpnold Layout. I have also updated the Home page pictures to show the layout as it currently is.