2014 – All Change…

The year 2014′ started’ well…


Burton Phoenix was ‘Redeployed’ into our Dining room to allow easy access to the front of the layout. It has also allowed me to take a single photograph of the layout end to end. The Railway room was long long enough to put all sections up.


This is a view of the station end of the layout.

Now I have some space in the ‘Railway Room’ I have started work on the N Gauge ‘Stowey Green’ Layout.

As this is my first ‘N’ gauge project I have started at the ‘hidden’ end. I am in the processes of powering up the lower rear loop and positioning the point motors for it.


… THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED – I CHANGED JOB & MOVED HOUSE and the Trains and Layouts were packed away…


For the last few weeks I have had Burton Phoenix up in our Dining Room so I can finish off the ‘Front of the layout’. It has also given me the first opportunity to take an ‘End to End’ photograph.

Stowey Green – 2014

Work has restarted on Stowey Green, the N Gauge layout.
As this is my first real go with ‘N’ and flexible track I decided to start from the ‘unseen’ side (the back).