Burton Pheonix – Running Time at Home

I have been given permission from the boss lady to have Burton Pheonix up in the dining room. As it basically fills the room up it is graciously indeed, especially with Christmas not so creaping up..

.. And even then I did not have the space to fit the fiddle board. Still it gives me a chance to run some of my OO stock and take a few photographs. Including my Bachmann Class 101 DMU in BR Green I purchased the Modal Railway Show in Liverpool earlier in the year.

The DMU also looks rather good ‘lined up’ with my Rail Buses..

Burton Pheonix and Stowey Green on Display

Had a great day exhibiting both the Stowey Green N’ gauge layout AND Burton Phoenix my ‘OO’ end to end layout.

The event was a Craft, Tea and Cake event during the Llandudno Christmas Fayre Event.

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I have to confess, the continual running nature of Stowey Green was much easier to keep busy than manually shuttling trains (normally Thomas for the kids) up and down the layout. I wish I had the chance to take more photos, but was just kept too busy.

Nothing Happening – YET – But The Skies the Limit

All work on the layouts has stopped as everything needed to be packed away whilst the roof on our house was being renewed (rebuilt!).

The upside of this it it gives the chance to create a much bigger space to build a layout in… In the Order of 4.6 x 3m (15 x 10ft), Quite an upgrade on the 3×2.5m I was planning for… So Velux Windows have been installed -there of lots of jobs to get done before the proper planning cab get started.. Possibly well into 2024.

Still with a basic sketch of the space I could fit in a full HST set with 9 coaches down one side….