Bullied back into model railways.. and Toby

After an age away I now able to think about Model Railways..
I am starting to plan for a new home for a reborn Burton Crumpnold, using a spare small bedroom in our house – more to follow.

Plus I have finally spent time improving the website, Initially to make it display better (more responsive) on large and small devices (phones etc).
I have also updated the site navigation… There is more to follow.

… I must give credit to my good friend and follow model railway enthusiast ‘Ian White’ who has been constantly bullying me to finally deliver some updates to the website. .. Now to see how long it will take him to notice… 🙂
openingday-2018- toby

.. ‘Opening Day’ at Burton Phoenix.. And by random chance – the first loco I found it’s ‘Toby’. So it’s been busy testing that all the the power and point-work is working after a long time dormant