Playtime at Burton Crumpnold

I’ve had ‘Family’ around this weekend so it’s mostly been ‘Playtime’ on the layout.  It has been good to see Michael having a real go with his Virgin 125’s etc especially in dealing with the inevitable derailments as he tried to break the speed record for a diesel train…….  

Thomas has had plenty of Track time – due to popular request of my brothers kids…
I’ve also had fun dusting off the BR Mallard and spinning it round the track for a while.

Ebay Loco

I’ve had a very successful week on Ebay and managed to pick up a Bachmann Class 44 ‘Penyghent’. I particularly wanted this model – not just because I really like the loco, but also am quite a ‘fan’ of the mountain having climbed over it a few time on my backpacking ventures. 

A Southern Region Acquisition

Been testing Burtons new arrival, a Hornby ‘Brighton Works’ A1X Terrier Tank Loco.
The loco is a real gem – it does not fit into any era or region of the layout but I could not resist getting one.   I do suspect that some time in the future I will get round to modelling the Southern Region since I live in it….. Especially as I live near one of ‘Lost Lines’ of Sussex ‘The Horsham-Steyning-Shoreham line which would make a great subject.