‘Lock-down’ – and ‘Stowey Green’ Awakes..

.. Due the current ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’ – I have ran out of excuses in not working on the ‘N’ Gauge ‘Stowey Green Layout’. Reading through the planning notes I realised the layout is ‘VERY’ late as I started thinking about this layout in 2008…

Believe it or not I have been so busy working in the layout.. that I have neglected doing any updates here..So far I have finished the track laying and basic wiring for the lower ‘baseboard’ level – and have had some fun actually running trains. I have made the incline and upper ‘Upper Stowey’ station halt sections for the upper loop. The upper section is currently being tested to make sure the little tank engines make it up the hills.



Stowey Green is actually getting built !!

Due to the current ‘Interesting times’ (Coronavirus!!), along with its associated lockdown.
…. Since I have so much time on my hands I have been quite busy..
Since I had the time and bits, perhaps I should actually get round to working on ‘Stowey Green’ my ‘N gauge’ layout. Especially as Burton Phoenix is effectively complete..

Stowey Greens board had been stored for years.. so was a bit beaten up..
.. So after plenty of TLC I started work..

I have got as far as laying and wiring the lower loop.
… The upper loop, along with it’s inclines, is being tided up.


I am currently ‘tuning the inclines before gluing them down.

There is a lot more information in ‘Work In Progress