Model shop visit!!

Last week I made my first visit to a model shop since all this lock down started. Rhuddlan Models (
.. I needed some ‘N Gauge’ ballast and decided it was time to support the local shop rather than go online now they are open again.
While I was there I also took advantage of this amazing bargain of a used Hornby Lyddle End barn to add to Stowey Green

More Wiring at Stowey Green

Been rather busy at Home and Work so progress on Stowey Green has been slow.
.. But finally managed to get the Soldering Iron and tools out and have commenced wiring in the Power and Point control connectors to the layout.
Power Plug wired in

Power feeds all connected (White Blue & Green) all done – next job the point control (Red & Yellow)…
.. Proper tidying up will happen when all has been checked and everything has been screwed down…