Work Starting On ‘Stowey Town’

Stowey Town is a sort of ‘Left over bits’ companion layout to the ‘N’ gauge layout Stowey Green.

It was particularly inspired by the fact I had curved platform pieces – so I decided to make the smallest layout possible that could use them in an interesting way. Stowey Town fits on a 60cm x 80cm board so should be Very portable.
The use of left over cork can be seen on the upper right.. I promise if will be tidy when the track of properly laid and scenery added

The tunnel mouths are one of my first experiments with the 3d Printer and an Airbrush obtain in the new year.
.. I promise to say more about the airbrush as the year goes on.

The plan is to have the new layout complete, or at least usable by May – so I can exhibit it with Stowey Green.
.. More details will follow