Full Control at Stowey Green

The control panel for Stowey Green is complete..
.. Here it is with its associated GaugeMaster DS controller all connected up.

With everything connected I have been busy testing all of the ‘Cab Control’ switchable track sections and the point operations.
There were a few issues, mostly involving points going the wrong way, which was easy to fix by swapping a wire. There was only one poor connection which was a pleasant surprise, especially considering how many wires there are, both in the box and under the baseboard…

And this is the view at the back with the 2x 25 way connectors (Track Power & Points) and a 9 way going to the DC GaugeMaster controller,

Next job, after a nice period of just running a few trains, is to ballast the track.

Stowey Green Control Panel is taking Shape

I have been busy with a soldering iron wiring up the innards of the new Stowey Green Control Panel.
.. In typical Kevin Fisher style it is probably ‘over engineered’…

I am planning to put coloured ‘caps’ on the point switches to make the panel easier to use.

Here is a view ‘inside’.

The Point control are the Yellow/Orange wires on the top left, and Power control is Blue/Green top centre – both going to 25way DSub plug/sockets.

The input power from the Gaugemaster controller is on the top right next to the Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) which gives the point motors an extra ‘Kick’, all going to a 9 way DSub socket.

All the toggle switches (Power control) and centre return switches (Point control) are at the bottom, which is the front of the box.

NOW.. onto Testing it all…
When everything has been tested I will have a go tidying up any overlong wires.
..I like to keep things a bit ‘loose’ initially in case of any mess ups..

Llanfair PG Wagon Collection Complete !!!

I have finally been able to track down a Yellow Llanfair PG wagon to complete my ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch‘ set…

The 2 Blue ones are the originals I bought from the Hornby concessions shop near the railway station in question.

.. Now it’s time to carry on with some Proper railway modelling…

Track Down on the Upper Section of Stowey Green

I have arranged and glued the track for the removeable section of Stowey Green, the track has been wired and holes drilled for the 3 points on the board.

Next job is to tidy up the wiring and attach it to the terminal block, and of course attach the point motors.

I have added the station halt and goods shed to show how the section works,

Llanfair PG Wagon Collection proceeding nicely

So far I have managed to get 4 of what I believe is 5 versions of the ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch‘ wagons Hornby made as a concession item..
So I have added Green and Red versions to my current Blue and Brown ones …So just the yellow one to go…

OK a slightly crazy obsession – but they are not very expensive….

An LMS 3f Goods Loco arrives at Burton

Courtesy of a sale at Rails of Sheffield comes this rather charming Bachmann 3F Goods Loco.
It’s a real ‘workaday’ loco – over 700 like this were made – but none were preserved.

Simple livery – but amazing cab detail

New Arrival at Burton Phoenix – A new wagon with rather a long name…

I live not so far from the Welsh village with ‘The Name’ … Originally called ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyll’ or Llanfair PG … but given its new name for very effective promotional purposes in the 1860s – the famous
Which means “Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave”.

I have had a Blue Hornby Wagon with the name on for some time, purchased from a shop in the village. I decided to see if there were any more variations/colours made, and, as usual in circumstances like these ‘Ebay is your friend’..
So… a rather attractive Red/Brown version at a good price has been added to the collection..

.. It looks like there are also green and yellow versions .. which I have to confess has tempted me to get the set.. Obviously signs that I must get out more..

Test of Wired up Stowey Green.

With the ‘Main’ board wired I had a few minutes of ‘play time’.

Unfortunately I now have to put Stowey Green into temporary storage as, my wife wanted the dining room back…
Next task is to add the track to the removable upper section board.

.. And the Control box has had it’s early coats of paint. Next task for this will be putting the layout ‘Mimic Diagram’ on it plus adding the power and point control ‘innards’ to it..