Stowey Green Control Panel is taking Shape

I have been busy with a soldering iron wiring up the innards of the new Stowey Green Control Panel.
.. In typical Kevin Fisher style it is probably ‘over engineered’…

I am planning to put coloured ‘caps’ on the point switches to make the panel easier to use.

Here is a view ‘inside’.

The Point control are the Yellow/Orange wires on the top left, and Power control is Blue/Green top centre – both going to 25way DSub plug/sockets.

The input power from the Gaugemaster controller is on the top right next to the Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) which gives the point motors an extra ‘Kick’, all going to a 9 way DSub socket.

All the toggle switches (Power control) and centre return switches (Point control) are at the bottom, which is the front of the box.

NOW.. onto Testing it all…
When everything has been tested I will have a go tidying up any overlong wires.
..I like to keep things a bit ‘loose’ initially in case of any mess ups..