Narrow Gauge at Burton

A good friend of mine has also moved up to North Wales, and their house sits on the path of an old Quarry mining railway.

So for a bit of fun I have been experimenting with printing 3D models Narrow Gauge rolling stock.

From the amazing resource ‘’ I have downloaded and printed wagon designs from a similar Quarry railway at Dinorwig, just down the road in Snowdonia. The smaller models (centre and top left) are in OO9 – ‘OO’ narrow gauge on 9mm track. The larger models are O-16.5 – ‘O’ narrow gauge on HO/OO track.

All this has been a lot of fun and has helped me get to grips with 3D printing and to learn how to get the best out it.
.. However it has been a distraction to the work on the Burton Crumpnold layouts, so expect ‘normality’ to reappear in future updates.

.. The first of these tasks is to get my painting skills up to speed and paint the boats I have already 3D printed – plus a few more so I can complete the ‘river’ scenery on Burton Phoenix.