More 3D Printing at Burton – and finally some scenery.

The 3D printer had finally been earning it’s keep and has been printing boats and other scenic items for Burton Phoenix.
….Then I just had to learn to paint them…

Full details can be found in ‘Work In Progress’ HERE

The geeky side of 3D Printing has been continuing for ‘N’ gauge. This is my first hand ‘crafted’ item from CAD to item.
… New ‘BackToBack’ gauges for ‘N’.

Narrow Gauge at Burton

A good friend of mine has also moved up to North Wales, and their house sits on the path of an old Quarry mining railway.

So for a bit of fun I have been experimenting with printing 3D models Narrow Gauge rolling stock.

From the amazing resource ‘’ I have downloaded and printed wagon designs from a similar Quarry railway at Dinorwig, just down the road in Snowdonia. The smaller models (centre and top left) are in OO9 – ‘OO’ narrow gauge on 9mm track. The larger models are O-16.5 – ‘O’ narrow gauge on HO/OO track.

All this has been a lot of fun and has helped me get to grips with 3D printing and to learn how to get the best out it.
.. However it has been a distraction to the work on the Burton Crumpnold layouts, so expect ‘normality’ to reappear in future updates.

.. The first of these tasks is to get my painting skills up to speed and paint the boats I have already 3D printed – plus a few more so I can complete the ‘river’ scenery on Burton Phoenix.

3D Printing at Burton Crumpnold

The reason for the lack of updates for the last couple of months is that I have been learning the joys of 3D Printing.
I reasoned that a lot of the ‘scenic’ things I like to add to a layout I could make myself..
.. I went for the Ender3 V2 which only cost £230 ($310) with 2kg of plastic filament..
As is usual with 3D Printers the first prints were to help prove everything was set up OK, plus a few addon’s for the printer to help it run better.

So far I have been limiting myself to ‘OO’ gauge..
… Here are some of the first ‘Useful’ items I have made so far.

.. As yet unpainted – I have been looking for some boats to add to Burton Phoenix’s scenic corner for ages to it was great to start here.. One thing about 3D printing – it’s not fast – the canal boat tool over 4 hours to print. I have still some way to go to be confident about the print quality.. So it may be a while before I’m properly happy with the results.

I have also been able to ‘print’ an ‘OO’ gauge Ballast spreader, a couple of Back to Back gauges, and some ‘TrackSetta’ style Curve Templates – most of which were on the ‘shopping list’. These ‘simple’ and quite large prints have ‘fairly’ easy to do.
….So I am already starting to get a return on the 3D Printer.

And just because I could …. Some door plaques for me and the misses

Next thing is to relearn the art of painting….

Hornby Peckett – Our Birthday Present

January is birthday time for me and Camilla – so we decided to buy one the Hornby Centenary Peckett locomotives.
What made it extra special for us was the inclusion of the replica ‘Peckett & Sons of Bristol’ makers plate.
My wonderful misses Camilla, as well as being a railway enthusiast herself, is a West Country Lass.
…The Peckett does also look rather special in it’s limited edition packaging

Looking forward to giving it it’s first run..

Beatles Eurostar – First Run

It took nearly a month but the Beatles Yellow Submarine Eurostar has had it’s first live run.
.. As the train is quite long and Burton Phoenix, the current OO gauge layout is end to end, it was a case of using the ‘deploying the train set on lounge rug’ approach.

The Livery is quite excellent, and different on both sides as can be seen here:

Presents under the Christmas Tree

A ‘surprise’ present from Santa for me and the wife from under the Christmas Tree…
… A Beatles themed Eurostar Trainset..

Believe it of not is really for both of us.. My Misses is a train lover – and more importantly a bit of a Hippy..

.. Running photographs to follow…

Early Christmas Presents for Stowey Green

I have managed to get some of the increasingly rare Hornby ‘Lyddle End’ End Gauge Cottages for the Stowey Green Layout.

… I am working on the scenery of Stowey Green, so more pictures of what has been happening – including the new cottages will be here soon.

Llanfair PG Wagon Collection Complete !!!

I have finally been able to track down a Yellow Llanfair PG wagon to complete my ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch‘ set…

The 2 Blue ones are the originals I bought from the Hornby concessions shop near the railway station in question.

.. Now it’s time to carry on with some Proper railway modelling…

Llanfair PG Wagon Collection proceeding nicely

So far I have managed to get 4 of what I believe is 5 versions of the ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch‘ wagons Hornby made as a concession item..
So I have added Green and Red versions to my current Blue and Brown ones …So just the yellow one to go…

OK a slightly crazy obsession – but they are not very expensive….