An LMS 3f Goods Loco arrives at Burton

Courtesy of a sale at Rails of Sheffield comes this rather charming Bachmann 3F Goods Loco.
It’s a real ‘workaday’ loco – over 700 like this were made – but none were preserved.

Simple livery – but amazing cab detail

New Arrival at Burton Phoenix – A new wagon with rather a long name…

I live not so far from the Welsh village with ‘The Name’ … Originally called ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyll’ or Llanfair PG … but given its new name for very effective promotional purposes in the 1860s – the famous
Which means “Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave”.

I have had a Blue Hornby Wagon with the name on for some time, purchased from a shop in the village. I decided to see if there were any more variations/colours made, and, as usual in circumstances like these ‘Ebay is your friend’..
So… a rather attractive Red/Brown version at a good price has been added to the collection..

.. It looks like there are also green and yellow versions .. which I have to confess has tempted me to get the set.. Obviously signs that I must get out more..

Model shop visit!!

Last week I made my first visit to a model shop since all this lock down started. Rhuddlan Models (
.. I needed some ‘N Gauge’ ballast and decided it was time to support the local shop rather than go online now they are open again.
While I was there I also took advantage of this amazing bargain of a used Hornby Lyddle End barn to add to Stowey Green

Welcome to the New Burton Crumpnold Website

Welcome to the seriously overdue ‘New Look’ Burton Crumpnold Website.
.. All the existing content has been included in the new website, together with new pages describing the building of Burton Phoenix have been added.

Further features and news will follow soon.

Best Wishes
Kevin Fisher

Stowey Green is actually getting built !!

Due to the current ‘Interesting times’ (Coronavirus!!), along with its associated lockdown.
…. Since I have so much time on my hands I have been quite busy..
Since I had the time and bits, perhaps I should actually get round to working on ‘Stowey Green’ my ‘N gauge’ layout. Especially as Burton Phoenix is effectively complete..

Stowey Greens board had been stored for years.. so was a bit beaten up..
.. So after plenty of TLC I started work..

I have got as far as laying and wiring the lower loop.
… The upper loop, along with it’s inclines, is being tided up.


I am currently ‘tuning the inclines before gluing them down.

There is a lot more information in ‘Work In Progress

.. Even MORE light relief..

I had a play with my Hornby Junior train set,
it was a charity shop bargain buy from last year…

….I had forgotten the simple pleasures of playing with a train set on the carpet….

Junior3 Junior1

A Bit of light relief…

… with a new engine at Burton Phoenix.. If a bit ‘out of scale’.

Taking a break on the layout I put this rather cute wood engine kit together I got as a Christmas present…
.. I don’t think I could call it fine scale…


Burton Phoenix Complete

Here are photos of the Curve section fitted for the first time with the complete layout.

I had a few wiring issues to resolve and wanted to run some proper testing as I am intending to informally display the layout during the year. ..For More details see ‘Work In Progress